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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Body, Mind and Spirit

I have been the Director of Development and Marketing here at Samaritan Counseling Center since I was hired on November 7, 2011. From that day forward, I awake each morning feeling so blessed to be a part of this incredible organization.

I guess one of the points of this blog is really to emphasize the high level of professionalism, teamwork and integrity that is prevalent at Samaritan. Our staff consists of highly trained, professional men and women who work hard to empower people with the tools they need to heal and move forward in their lives

Second, I cannot emphasize enough to anyone who is reading this that getting help for emotional and/or mental problems is just as essential as getting help for physical ailments. God made us so that our minds, bodies and spirits function together. Our brains are not lumps of tissue that only guide our physical functions or help us learn new information. Our memories, thoughts, chemicals, hormones, DNA and all of the numerous and complex functions that "flow" through our brains and bodies 24/7 affect our entire being. Yes, (from Psalm 139) we are "fearfully and wonderfully made!"

Men, women and children seek help at Samaritan for a wide variety of reasons--reasons that have brought about periods of overwhelming anxiety and stress, depression, hardships within families and marriages and many other problems in their lives. I give a lot of credit to those who seek help! Contrary to what a lot of people still believe, it is not a sign of weakness nor it is "shameful" to seek the services of a counselor. Everyone encounters times in their lives when trials or traumas strike, often bringing about high levels of stress and feelings of being overwhelmed, scared or helpless. These circumstances often lead to sleeplessness, heightened emotions, fatigue, self-medication and numerous other problems--like lashing out at others or even at yourself. Instead of suffering in silence--and denying to yourself that you're not OK, and that your behavior is not adversely affecting those around you--getting professional help not only aids you in the process of working through your situation, but provides new and better ways of thinking, reacting and behaving. Different types of therapy can help us gain an understanding of how stress, emotions and disorders can affect our minds, bodies and spirits. We can learn ways to take care of ourselves better and reverse the "negative stuff" in our own heads.

If you or someone you know needs help, please give us a call. Samaritan's therapists help heal the body, mind and spirit using the resources of faith.

Beth Healey, Director of Development and Marketing