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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Be Happy in Spite of It All

As we sipped our coffee during one of our Thursday after-work get-togethers, a friend and I were talking about not-so-merry family issues that inevitably arise at holiday gatherings. Past hurts still lurking in people’s minds…sibling rivalries… the in-laws that don’t get along…the “big mouth”…the “Debbie Downers”…the show-offs…the folks that drink too much…no need to go on ‘cause I’m sure you get the picture. You’re probably thinking about the issues you know you’ll be facing in the days ahead.

As I shared with my friend, I have firmly decided that I am not going to let any situation detract from the spirit of Christmas. I am going to be happy! And I don’t mean by pretending that something uncomfortable really didn’t happen or by dealing with it in some other unhealthy way. I am going to put any indiscretion that may occur into a little box in my mind. The label on the box will say: The Imperfections of Being Human.

I can still be happy even when we humans display our faults and weaknesses. I can apply this attitude every day, not just on holidays. I can still be happy even though the world we live in is filled with injustice, pain and sorrow. I can still be happy and bring happiness to others in spite of it all. I’m determined to stay strong and stick to my goal.

And guess what? When I find myself slipping, I will forgive myself and move forward. When I feel sad or scared or nervous or angry, I will allow myself to feel those feelings because they are real and I am justified in feeling them. But then, I WILL MOVE FORWARD. I will always seek truth, happiness and love. I will make the most of this life God has given me.

I challenge anyone reading this to give it a try. Who knows, you may just become a happier person!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ladies, are you still burning yourselves out?

More than half of Samaritan’s clients are women. We asked Martha Selleck, our Clinical Director, to talk about women’s greatest needs.

“Women are still doing too much! They’re taking care of everyone but themselves, which leaves them depleted and exhausted. Typically, the women we see are caring for kids and aging parents,working at a full time career plus volunteering and dealing with marriage issues.

“As a result, they’re suffering from anxiety and depression. Many turn to self-medicating with food or alcohol. They find themselves caught in a vicious cycle and don’t know how to stop it. We help women sort things out and learn how to find more time for themselves—including their spiritual growth.

“Also, many women are carrying around unresolved traumas from the past, afraid to ‘voice the wounds.’ They will tell us, ‘I’ve never told this to anyone!’ Things like sexual abuse are often revealed for the first time to their therapist. Once they come to the surface and are addressed, hope and healing can begin.”