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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Christian Radio

Samaritan Counseling Center is excited to partner again with WORD FM—Christian Radio—as guests on the John and Kathy Talk Show. If you’ve never listened to the show, please give it a try. Not only does this duo facilitate a compelling discussion with their guests on a wide range of topics, but they also provide the opportunity for listeners to phone in and become an integral part of the show. girl w earphones 2

The last time Carl Baughman and Martha Selleck participated in the program—which airs live, BTW—they experienced a unique opportunity to provide professional advice in a large public forum. They were touched by the courage and honesty exhibited by the callers, which is no surprise, since both Carl and Martha are caring Christians who have turned their passion for helping people into their lifelong vocations.

Counseling is very personal and confidential, usually conducted behind closed doors. Yet when given the opportunity to speak directly to a counselor over the airwaves, listeners did not hesitate to call in. Carl and Martha welcomed the chance to offer hope, encouragement and thoughtful advice.

“Being a guest on John and Kathy’s show was a humbling experience.” said Carl, “I was able to speak to such a wide audience about issues such as abuse, depression, marital infidelity, loneliness and grief.”